Restore your office chairs for added style and comfort

If you want to make upholstery changes to your chairs, then enquire with Pricketts Upholstery in Westcliff-on-Sea for our professional office chair repair and fabric replacement service. Book a FREE consultation to discuss.

There’s no need to
buy new

Reupholstered chairs look as good as new and can be the missing link to the professional and appealing workspace you want to create. With replacement padding and repaired internal components, staff can work comfortably and maintain better posture for improved overall well-being. If staff have that comfort and support, then they’re better placed to be productive in their roles. And that can only be a good thing when it comes to your bottom line. And if your existing chairs are repaired and reupholstered, it means you don’t have to waste money on new. Pricketts Upholstery can carry out that transformation.

Complete reupholstering and refurbishment service

Through the sourcing of components and industry-standard fabrics from reputable suppliers as well as the harnessing of our equipment and expertise, we can deliver the seating you want for your business. And that includes anything from straightforward office chairs to reception seating and breakout chairs. There’s plenty of scope for customisation with our extensive fabric collection. And our 72 years of industry experience and team of skilled upholsterers means we can repair any type or style of office chair, from the bases right through to the armrests. Disruption is always kept to a minimum and you can see what we can do on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Office Chair Repair & Fabric Replacement
Office Chair Repair & Fabric Replacement

Why opt for our chair restorers?

  • Complete reupholstering and refurbishment service
  • Access to all necessary components
  • All necessary expertise and equipment to carry out work
  • Any type of office chair catered for
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Extensive portfolio of completed work

For a free consultation – either at our shop or at your own premises – on the repair and fabric replacement of your office chairs,
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