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The perfect set of curtains for your window, both in style and size

Have the right set of curtains for your home or business with help from our made-to-measure curtain service at Pricketts Upholstery in Westcliff-on-Sea. Get in touch to enquire.

Established for over 70 years

Guaranteed product and service

Shop or home consultations available

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Have a curtain design that’s tailored to that window

No gaps. No excess fabric. You can have a fabric, colour, pattern and style that meets your own preferences and the overall décor of the intended room. The perfect set of curtains can transform your room altogether, tying together colours and textures for an altogether more harmonious look. If light or temperature regulation is a concern, then the curtains can be customised with a blackout or thermal lining. It’s the curtain option that leaves no room for error when it comes to sizing, style, light control and insulation. And it’s what we can provide at Pricketts.

Expert curtain makers with a reputation for quality

Here at Pricketts Upholstery, we’ve access to hundreds of different fabrics and once you’ve chosen the right fabric for you, we can go ahead and make a set of curtains using that fabric. Tall window? Wide window? Don’t worry – we can make sure that your curtains fit your window with the utmost precision. Each set of made-to-measure curtains is finished by hand for an all-round quality product. We only use quality materials in their manufacture and the curtains themselves are guaranteed. Just talk to our team and let us know what you want to do. And if you’re not sure how to measure up your window, we’ll be happy to advise.

Shadow from shining through a window and the curtains
Curtains and Blinds

Why choose our curtain makers?

  • Expert curtain makers

  • Hundreds of fabrics available

  • Any length, any width

  • Handcrafted product

  • Quality materials used

  • Measuring advice available

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For a free shop or home consultation on the design and creation of your made-to-measure curtains,
call Pricketts Upholstery
on 01702 476966

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