You’ve already got the right footstool, it just needs some love

There’s no need to replace your footstool when we can refurbish it for a fraction of the price. Book a FREE shop or home consultation with Pricketts Upholstery, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Imagine your old
footstool with …

No tears, no stains, no signs of wear. With both cushioning and padding replaced or refurbished so that you’ve got more comfort from your footstool than you did before, whether you’re resting your feet or using it as a makeshift chair. The fabric now matches both your room’s décor and your own personal style. And now it’s restored, you’ve added a few more years to the lifespan too. You’ll WANT to use it, rather than ignore it altogether. And it now has resale value – rather than landfill value – making it an investment and not just a purchase. If that’s what you want from your old footstool, speak to our team at Pricketts.

Book a FREE home or shop consultation

It’s a full restoration service, accounting for everything from the fabric and the frame to the springs and the cushioning. We only use quality materials from the most recognised manufacturers. And given that all our work is guaranteed and that you can see what we do on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, you’re not taking a chance with Pricketts. Take a look at one of our reviews below and get an idea of the service we offer.

Footstool Reupholstery
Footstool Reupholstery

Why us for a footstool restoration?

  • FREE home or shop consultation
  • Full restoration service
  • Quality materials used
  • Guaranteed work
  • Tried and tested service
  • Fantastic reviews

See what our clients think

Tracey Williams

Excellent quality work…

Excellent quality work at a very reasonable price. Very friendly and very helpful.


People are great…

People are great, they work quick and they do an awesome job at it.

Footstool Reupholstery

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