Custom-fit foam for enhanced protection

If you want foam cut to size to help secure equipment during transit, Pricketts Upholstery in Westcliff-on-Sea can provide exactly what you need. Get in touch to discuss.

Imagine you had some
sensitive stereo equipment …

It needs to go to a far-off location and you’re worried about how safe it’ll be during the journey. Custom fit foam can mitigate the risk. With custom-fit foam inserts – perfectly matched to the contours of the equipment you’re sending – your stereo system will be cushioned and protected. The foam boasts superior shock absorption too, so that any impacts and vibrations are negated. The foam can even be cut with special compartments and cut-outs so that individual equipment components can be stored in an organised way. It’s a tailored, enhanced and organised way to send items that need that extra protection.

It can help put a dent in your expenses too

Given the optimisation of space, you might even see some savings when it comes to shipping costs. And if you’re a business owner looking to deliver a product to a customer, the professional appearance of the custom-fit foam can make a positive impression. Just want some foam for your cushions? We can do that too. It’s the kind of custom-fit foam service that we provide here at Pricketts Upholstery.

Foam Cut to Size
Foam Cut to Size

Pricketts Upholstery can supply the foam you need

Our rates are competitive and we can promise a quick turnaround from enquiry to delivery. We’ve got a wide range of foam products to choose from but if we don’t have a preset foam option for you, we’re happy to provide a bespoke foam cutting service so that you get the exact shape and size that you need. The foam can be tailored towards any kind of application. And with over 70 years as an upholstering service, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the foam we offer.

What types of foam can we supply?

  • Firm seating foam
  • Medium firm grey reflex foam
  • Soft pink reflex foam
  • Average medium foam
  • Hard foam sheets
Foam Cut to Size

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