Give your premises a fresh, vibrant new look with our upholstery service

If your business’s upholstery doesn’t quite live up to the atmosphere you want your premises to convey, then speak to our team at Pricketts Upholstery in Westcliff-on-Sea for our comprehensive bar, club and hotel reupholstery service. We provide a free consultation.

It’s not just about
the basics

Like making sure all the tears have gone. Or that the stains have disappeared. Or that the right padding is in place to ensure your guests are comfortable. Or that your upholstery is now easier to clean and maintain. You also want your upholstery to be in keeping with the décor, branding and overall ambience that your bar, club or hotel exudes. So that when your guests walk through that door, they feel instantly at home. And that’s something that doesn’t come off the production line. It needs a custom, professional upholstery service and that’s where we come in.

Want your business’s upholstery transformed?

Just give our team a ring and we can book in a FREE consultation at our shop or at your venue, so we can discuss exactly what you want to do with your upholstery. With over 72 years in the upholstery world, we have the expertise and the experience to customise any kind of upholstery. If you’d like to see some of that work and get an idea of the quality, take a look at our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok profiles. Only the best materials are used, sourced from established suppliers. And we’ve literally hundreds of fabric options so there’s plenty of choice. With all work guaranteed, it’s a safe choice with Pricketts.

Bars, Clubs & Hotels
Bars, Clubs & Hotels

Why choose our upholsterers?

  • FREE consultation
  • 72 years’ experience
  • Creative, talented upholstery team
  • Proven body of work
  • Quality materials used
  • Guaranteed service

For a free consultation on the reupholstering of your bar, club or hotel – either at our shop or at your own premises –
call Pricketts Upholstery

on 01702 476966